Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bike Shop and Baby Goats!

I have no idea why but the last couple of weeks I have not been having a good preparation day. I think Its because Elder Hahn wants to be "lazy on P-days" as he told me. Where I want to cram my P-Day with as many activities as possible.
We did do one thing that i have been wanting to do the whole time I have been to in Morton which was to go to a special bike shop. It was super cool, the Owner came out and greeted us as "ELDERS!" and treated us really well. Even though it was an amazing bike shop it was WAY over priced. I think Bike shops need to have a few nice bikes for the Poor guy. 

We have been having a pretty great week though with a pretty close call with one of our investigators.
We have been teaching a Member referral, Elizabeth, a 19 year old single mom with a 2 year old son. So she has been pretty much our only investigator that is progressing at this point and she tried to drop us last Friday night because of some festering concerns of Joseph Smith and Plural marriage and the problem with most Christians of the Doctrines of Grace and Works. We have been trying to resolve her concerns and for the most part we have. An evidence of that was she came to church this Sunday and she is planning on coming next week. Were hoping we can settle her concerns once and for all because president fenn will be teaching her with us this Wednesday so Fingers crossed!

But in other News while doing service last Tuesday we got to hold some day old baby goats! :D cutest things ever! 

Also Illinois has been having  very bi-POLAR vortex weather.   Below zero one day and  52 degrees the next!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Spiritual Ninja

Today we had a zone bowling activity so I didn't get a chance to write too much.  
Our mission does a 10-10-30 principle which is to
Invite someone to hear the restored message 10 minutes after we leave the apartment, then to talk to 10 people every day about the message and if no appointments are possible contact someone every 30 minutes
to take to them about the restored gospel.

-Things in the area are on a slow up hill climb. We found a new investigator through "He is the Gift" and she has really been enjoying learning about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. Sadly she will be moving to the same area as Keith, the one legged guy elder Engler and I
taught and he moved and got baptized outside our mission. So, interesting. The Chicago mission needs to send us more referrals for all the ones we send them.
We have interviews with President Fenn this week.  
-I really look forward to meetings with President Fenn, I'm always confident when I'm with him, I think that comes with a clear conscience. I like him a lot.
Thanks for the new suit and all the other goodies.

Love you mom.
your-spiritual ninja 

Straight to my knees this Christmas!

So just some tid bits of my week.

Went on 2 exchanges in a row. The first all of our appointments fell through and when we were tracting the power went out in town so nobody wanted to talk to us. So it was pretty sad. The next day was pretty great though, we found a less active member and got to teach him a little. 

Next while tracting we were inviting people to watch the video "He is the Gift" with us. And this kid was pretty excited to watch. He was Buddhist but he really enjoyed it and told us to come back after Christmas. Then his mom pulled up and he said that she would be interested. We shared with her the video and she said it made her cry. She knew a member and really like him and thought he was a great kid. She said we could come by anytime after the holidays. 

I'm so thankful for JESUS CHRIST, THIS Christmas morning instead of going straight for the presents I'll be going straight to my knees and consulting with God what I'll give him and CHRIST for Christmas this year. 

Elder Herdt

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Baptismalizing Gods Children

Such an amazing couple of days to see my friend Adrienne get baptized. This journey for Her has been very like a foggy Illinois day. It all started a little over a Month ago with a prayer to Heavenly Father for him to help her get her life pointed in the right direction. He had provided her with enough light to make a couple of steps into the cloudiness, like being invited to church by a random co-worker, meeting another friend/coworker who she graduated college at church and the then was invited to meet the missionaries with her . The light of Christ is Endless and never can be darkened, and that light grows brighter and brighter until that perfect day. As we met with her she put all of her heart into finding this all out for herself. She read the Book of Mormon, with out even being asked and constantly studying church materials. She would even do it at work! She asked us when she should be baptized and we turned it around an invited her to pray when she should be baptized. She texted us. Few days later telling us December 13th at 10am. The coolest thing is when someone receives revelation like that God is telling them that it will happen if they try and she did. She was Baptized that day at that time and I thank God for being able to meet Adrienne and help her in the foggy journeys we call life.

We had our Ward Christmas Party this Saturday as well and Elder Hon and I were the Pie Judges. Missions are REALLY Hard some times! Judging 20 Mormon pies. It's a tough job.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Fiasco

"Thanks giving Fiasco" we were blessed with a thanks giving lunch with all of the goodies that came from thanks giving, we were also planned to have a thanks giving dinner as well BUT we ran into a problem. We came home after lunch to find that in the foyer in our apartment was flooding but not with water.... SEWAGE WATER.... It look like someone put there thanks giving dinner down the garbage disposable. Not knowing our landlords number re rushed and grabbed a wet-vac from a near by member so we could suck up the sewage. we ended up sucking 15 GALLONS! of sewage. We then got the Land lords number from a neighbor and got a maintenance worker to come out a few hours latter. He put popped the sewage drain to fine a grocery bag amount of solids and the poured down a serious drain cleaner that did little. he called up rotor rooter who did answer "holiday luck". our maintenance worker said to stay here and make sure it doesn't flood more until rotor rooter calls. Rotor rooter didn't come until 9:30 pm and then the next day we got are carpets clean and had 3 carpet blowers and a dehumidifier going for until Monday evening.
that was thanks giving for us.
 This week was a struggle to say the least. If it wasn't for the miracle that happened Sunday we may have not had any lessons for the week with investigators.
 The week Elder Scrogham Left we had 1 investigator baptized, 1 investigator on date transferred to another area, another investigator evicted with out a trace and so on. We were at a TRUE square one. Oh it was a trying week, I did not feel like I knew the area well enough or the members. through this trial though miracles will be brought to past Like this Sunday.
Sunday we had planned to Go see an investigator so said she would be home. 1 of the less actives we had planned to teach was sick and the other had company.  3 hours of are plans fell through in 30ish minutes. We Tried and talked to the neighbor of the investigator who got evicted to see where he was and this kid answered the door and said they hand no clue where he moved. We asked if Cory the neighbor who lived there knew were he was he said he probably wouldn't because he is in Jail for running from the police. We gave him a card and left. Right after we started to walk away I asked Elder Hahn why we didn't ask him if he would be interested in learning more. So we walked back and knocked and asked. He said he heard us teaching last time we were there teaching his neighbor and was interested because he believed in God but never new what to do next. We started to teach him and we got his contact info and were on our way. 
  We thought If we should go tract, which was the backup at that point and we weren't feeling that was right thing to do. We Checked for members that were in the area that we could visit. We found a name of a inactive and decided to go contact her. It was Dark and it was hard to find the apartment addresses but we pulled up to her apartment complex went to her door and knocked. This man came to the door and we asked if the member lived here. He said no we then asked how long had he lived there and he said 3 years. Kind of puzzled we then asked what address this was and it was NOT the address of the Inactive. So we did what any good missionary would do and asked if we could Share a quick holiday message, "HE IS THE GIFT". He let us in and we watched the video and afterward quickly referred to the Restoration. We asked if he would be interested in learning more and he agreed so were planning on going back his week. As we left his apartment building, we looked around the apartment complex and said if were going to be Tracting we might as well do it in doors. So we proceeded to invited people to watch he is the gift. The hours that we were there we ended up getting 4 PNIs and 3 new investigators. It was a true blessing and answer to our prayers. We pray that we may continue to remain worthy of the Blessing that Heavenly father has been giving us being Obediant and Working with all our heart, might, mind and strength.

we're still trying to find new investigators that are solid, we're teaching lessons to people, but not getting past the first lesson.
We WILL BE HAVING A BAPTISM! The Gal that I sent you a picture of with me an elder Scrogham for this Saturday. She asked that if I would baptize her. I feel really honored and am trying to increase my spiritual sensitivity for the week to be prepared for it. we have been fed pretty well in this area. the only problem is that all the members who want to feed us live out in Egypt. No one who lives in Morton really feeds us.

Amazing investigators!

 Meet Al Hurt, AKA Brother Claus.  He lives next to a member that we do service for.  Santa gave us both a sword for Christmas.  Now I can really be a True Spiritual Ninja!

Adrienne Larson, She is one amazing investigator. She works with several members at the hospital that I went to. She had a sincere desire to gain a better relationship with God and get her self back on the straight and narrow. She is very smart too. She has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and sometimes does it during work. The Coolest thing is we invited her to know when she needed to be baptized and she said when she prayed about it she had a clear feeling that she needed to be baptized on December 13 at 10 am! How cool I love it when investigators pursue to know find the truth on the own and aren't compelled to find out. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Great Way to End a Transfer!

This was a Pretty Good way to end a week to say the least. We started out the week with a Zone conference and I finally was able to get an interview in with my mission president.  It was so great to be able to sit down one on one with my mission president and talk. I was able to talk to him about some miracles that have been happening. 
The first our investigator Adrienne, who prayed to know when she should be baptized, got a pretty specific answer that she need to pray about it and she said that December 13th is the day at 10:00 in the morning. She is so solid. She has taken the gospel and ran with it and nothing is stopping her!  
The second miracle was Miguel being Baptized on Saturday.

It was so cool, there was so many people who came to the baptism, even his dad and grandpa came! I sang because I have been given much, with our ward mission leader's wife and one other sister while her companion played the piano. The funny thing that happened was that we made the font water TOO hot. Miguel got in the water and jump right back out and Elder Scrogham went in and he had sock on and after a few seconds was jumping out too. They had a quick prayer that they would be able to handle it. When they finished our ward mission leader came in and asked why they weren't in yet so he flipped on the cold water for a few minutes and it was still hot so they just went in. Miguel was so dazed when he came out of the water. It was really good experience for Elder Scrogham a very big testimony builder. It was his first baptism and the First person he ever baptized. It made me really happy because when I got into Morton, I made a Goal that I was going to baptize with Elder Scrogham, I didn't know who and I didn't know how long it would take but I know we were going to be able to. It was at the last minute but we did it. I felt so blessed to be able to serve with Elder Scrogham it was so cool to see him grow spiritually and it made me really learn who I was. 
I'm getting Elder Hon for a new companion. He is a cool Red head, so I'm excited!