Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bike Shop and Baby Goats!

I have no idea why but the last couple of weeks I have not been having a good preparation day. I think Its because Elder Hahn wants to be "lazy on P-days" as he told me. Where I want to cram my P-Day with as many activities as possible.
We did do one thing that i have been wanting to do the whole time I have been to in Morton which was to go to a special bike shop. It was super cool, the Owner came out and greeted us as "ELDERS!" and treated us really well. Even though it was an amazing bike shop it was WAY over priced. I think Bike shops need to have a few nice bikes for the Poor guy. 

We have been having a pretty great week though with a pretty close call with one of our investigators.
We have been teaching a Member referral, Elizabeth, a 19 year old single mom with a 2 year old son. So she has been pretty much our only investigator that is progressing at this point and she tried to drop us last Friday night because of some festering concerns of Joseph Smith and Plural marriage and the problem with most Christians of the Doctrines of Grace and Works. We have been trying to resolve her concerns and for the most part we have. An evidence of that was she came to church this Sunday and she is planning on coming next week. Were hoping we can settle her concerns once and for all because president fenn will be teaching her with us this Wednesday so Fingers crossed!

But in other News while doing service last Tuesday we got to hold some day old baby goats! :D cutest things ever! 

Also Illinois has been having  very bi-POLAR vortex weather.   Below zero one day and  52 degrees the next!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Spiritual Ninja

Today we had a zone bowling activity so I didn't get a chance to write too much.  
Our mission does a 10-10-30 principle which is to
Invite someone to hear the restored message 10 minutes after we leave the apartment, then to talk to 10 people every day about the message and if no appointments are possible contact someone every 30 minutes
to take to them about the restored gospel.

-Things in the area are on a slow up hill climb. We found a new investigator through "He is the Gift" and she has really been enjoying learning about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. Sadly she will be moving to the same area as Keith, the one legged guy elder Engler and I
taught and he moved and got baptized outside our mission. So, interesting. The Chicago mission needs to send us more referrals for all the ones we send them.
We have interviews with President Fenn this week.  
-I really look forward to meetings with President Fenn, I'm always confident when I'm with him, I think that comes with a clear conscience. I like him a lot.
Thanks for the new suit and all the other goodies.

Love you mom.
your-spiritual ninja 

Straight to my knees this Christmas!

So just some tid bits of my week.

Went on 2 exchanges in a row. The first all of our appointments fell through and when we were tracting the power went out in town so nobody wanted to talk to us. So it was pretty sad. The next day was pretty great though, we found a less active member and got to teach him a little. 

Next while tracting we were inviting people to watch the video "He is the Gift" with us. And this kid was pretty excited to watch. He was Buddhist but he really enjoyed it and told us to come back after Christmas. Then his mom pulled up and he said that she would be interested. We shared with her the video and she said it made her cry. She knew a member and really like him and thought he was a great kid. She said we could come by anytime after the holidays. 

I'm so thankful for JESUS CHRIST, THIS Christmas morning instead of going straight for the presents I'll be going straight to my knees and consulting with God what I'll give him and CHRIST for Christmas this year. 

Elder Herdt