Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Week YO!

After a baptism he had a pretty hard week of work. Our teaching pool was malnumbered on the account it was a miracle to have Barb as an
investigator to teach in the first place. So to say the least, this week was filled with a lot of hitting the pavement and creative thinking on trying to find some people to teach. The added help of
having a car share allows us to just go out and find people to teach.  I need to get better at talking to everyone. I do though want my companion to step up and make first contact because I'm naturally comfortable talking to anyone. We had a cool experience with tracting this week. We found a young man who grew up in Chicago moved and lived in Dekalb and has now been kicked out of his home and is staying in a home with a lady friend as a helper until she recovers form her surgery/ illness. So we are hopping to get him baptized, he is a real nice guy. 
He can't read though so it's a struggle teaching.  But we got him some church clothes and have high hopes on him progressing.  I feel like I have been doing a lot better focusing my thoughts while I have been on a mission. It's probably been the greatest thing I have learned on my mission. Past companions and President have really help me learn how to do so. I have had great tools on how to handle my thoughts or my personal "Goliath" as president Monson Would call it.  This week I read a rest in the ensign "bridle your passions" and I applied it to mental discipline.  There are 2 ways to control a horse, kill it or bridle it. I imagine God would rather have us learn to control
ourselves rather than eradicate all emotion. We had a great end of a week with fast Sunday. I do love fast Sunday in a branch, mainly because half the people there are recent converts.
Our most recent convert Barb gave a POWERFUL testimony on how she felt like she always had a set of "beliefs" and "morals" since she was a kid but as she search and search for a church she could find non that fit her beliefs. Until she met us and when we taught her of the plan of salvation and how she lived with God and God taught us the Gospel and the Plan it all just made so much sense why she had these ideas In the first place. the truth seemed familiar to her and she felt so
blessed, to be apart of God church and have his love more in her life.  It touch my heart so much and I'm so grateful to have been able to be here to hear her testimony.  The church is true and the work goes on. And nothing will stop it from progressing till it floods the earth.
-Elder Herdt