Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Was Really Powerful!

I've found out that by next week I'll have 8 Months left on my
mission. I felt like the MTC was only months ago but weeks are going
way too fast. Transfers are just a dash and all my days blur into one
memory. It's so crazy what the mission does to your sense of time. But you can't resist it because worrying about time is time wasted on a mission. You have to press forward, kind of like a full court press in basket ball, your continually active in achieving your Goals.

Time is such a precious thing on a mission and I imagine in life in
general even though time is only measured to man. One of the biggest
time wasters for me on my mission was studying unnecessary doctrine,
the things of the kingdom and the mysteries of God. It gets real hard
when you have and iPad and the Gospel library app that even though it
not a lot you can still dive deep into doctrine. Try to avoid studying
those type of things like a plague if you are in this season of life
or preparing for this season of life, that is serving a mission. It's
a selfish endeavor that will not allow you to work and teach with all
diligence. You have the rest of your life to study those things so
Study for your investigators, read preach my gospel and the Book of
Mormon, make it a daily activity. You will find the Greatest treasure
of knowledge by doing this, which is the spirit. Your most important
thing to teach an investigator is how to feel, recognize and obtain
the spirit. You do this best by teaching the restoration and the Book
of Mormon. Implement the doctrine of Christ in all lessons and teach
about the blessings of the temple in as many lessons as possible. The
most important thing to teach by the spirit is to be exactly obedient.
You with find the windows of heaven endow you with the spirit at you
are more obedient and an increased faith will be given.

I loved conference this year. One of the best years I've watched.
Really powerful. Elder Ballard's talk really made a mark on me. It was a
answer to one of my prayers that I had for conference. The other talks
I really like were elders Lynn G Robbins "fear no man", Jorge
klebingate "take responsibility face your weaknesses"' Henry B Eyring
" a love for a prophet or a leader will give you the power necessary
to receive confirming Revelations." Plus his story about him and his mom
reminded me of me and my mom And to not for get President Monson's
"walk the path AS the he walked, the path of obedience,
the path of freedom, not bondage but eternal life." I made picture
notes for conference instead of trying to write out their talks. Check it out:)