Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let Us All Press On!

Well hola my readers,
       I have had a wonderfully hard week but It was great! Elder Black is a great missionary and I'm learning lots from him! He is one smart cookie! He has helped me a lot with my studies and we have been having wonderful companionship study. Something that I have been studying lately is God's, standard of righteousness. I learned a lot from it and I just want to know what your thoughts are on it? Shoot me and email with your thoughts:)
      Work In Dekalb is going great, we're kinda on the front of building back up our teaching pool and we were kinda forced into tracking, but we have seen some great things from it; including some new investigators. I have a couple of tracting stories!:P 
       First, we were walking along the street and this crazy old guy pulled up and looked at us all bug-eyed and said "What are you selling".....(before we could answer) he said, "your selling something...... I know your sell something..... you just look like it..." then drove away. Weird huh? Next I finally tracked in to a JW He was a nice guy who knew a lot of scriptures but knew very little about them. He was funny and did a reverse door approach on us but it was just even more funny because Elder Black is a boss about the Bible and knew just the right thing to say. He had us held up at his door for a while and because we are on the Lord's errand we just bore our testimonies and asked if he wanted a card "he didn't even want that" and we left. It was hard to leave because we could have taught him so much, but for him all the bible is, is a fighting ground...... NEXT STORY!....While tracking by NIU we ran into a girl from Taiwan, who was very interested in us and we just got her a Chinese book of Mormon and she's loving it! Speaking of NIU were doing a lot of work on Campus and finding out what we can and cannot do. What we found out was that we can do about anything as long as were representing The LDS SA. My Goal while at Dekalb is to really make NIU a investigator Gold mine.       
          We Have one Person on date for October right now. We lost contact with a few of our investigators and we're sad but trying to find them. The person getting baptized is as solid as solid gets. She has been truly converted to the gospel and funny thing is, it really has been from her own. All we really did was line her up in the right direction. She's wonderful and is always texting us saying that she knows how the Church of Jesus Christ is the true church today and she can't wait to be baptized. She is just amazing and I can't wait so see her enter the waters of baptism.
        Another crazy thing happened this week. A less active member got dropped in on by some of his friends who were traveling the country and both of them are investigators to the church and near members. One is 3 days away from his baptism and relapsed and drank some beer with his father and that's why we help, and his other friend's dad just got baptized.  Dropped drinking and smoking got married and was baptized in 3 weeks and is now about to go through the temple. It was amazing to see these wanderers and how much they were a blessing to this less active. They all went to church together and the one who was almost baptized bore his testimony. It was soo good, I even took notes. He talked about worship and how we worship what ever we hold the highest and if that isn't God we need to rethink our lives.
        I know we all have our our battles, our own trials, and things he have but with Hope, which is the anchor to the soul - Ether 12:4, we can stay fast in this constant whirl wind of life. So let us all press on step by step and become better people. Working at one weakness at a time until we reach the light of the perfect day.