Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Old "Herdt" Suit of Armor

Well This has been a Crazy week so Elder Engler went zone leader on me and went to Joliet. 
His Replacement Is..... Wait for It...... Elder Black from Mesa Arizona! He is an amazing missionary, He has been a zone leader twice and has been sent to Dekalb on the special assignment to help progress the work here in Dekalb. I'm really happy because I have been itching to do work on Campus. I had a really cool experience on campus this week we got a call from the stake president to go to the campus and be in a Religious Q and A on campus and be the LDS representatives on the religious board. It was going great and right as I was about to bear testimony about the book of Mormon, A fire alarm went off!! oh my goodness I was so mad at the devil, I knew he was behind it. Afterwards though, we continued and it was a really amazing experience and I felt like it was a small but BIG step toward getting in the campus.

         2013- 2015                                               1979 - 1981  
     Elder Travis Herdt                           Elder Matthew Herdt 

 I would also like to mention my great appreciation to My father for sending His mission suit to me. The Old Herdt Suit of Armor "commissioned 1979-81"  and now to 2013-15. (He wore his 2 suits his whole mission and they look brand new! The pin stripe, big lapels and bell bottoms may help to be a good contacting strategy! haha)  I plan on making good use of it and will love to see how many more lives this suit will be able to bless, not many suits get a second chance at missionary work. I loved my First mission General conference. Its like any missionary will tell you; it is the best conference they ever watched. I love my mission so much because it is setting a frame work for the rest of my life. I love the things that I have been taught, learning spiritual self Independence, no one is forcing me to be spiritually independent, I'm just learning from the spirit and as Matthew 11:28-30 says it's either the Lords way or the highway and the Lords way is the easy way. Lately I have really been trying to consecrate my mind to have a laser like focus on the Glory of God and I have found some cool quotes I want to share with you. They have really helped me and I really have enjoyed them, because it's easy to control our actions but it's harder to control our thoughts, and only when we learn how to fully control our thoughts can we learn how to be exalted.
"Prayer is the laboratory where we can facilitate and learn how to be masters of our own minds"- Presidant Fenn   
"The mind is the agent of the almighty, clothed in the mortal tabernacle. If we can learn to control our mind, we can control our families, our lives & the kingdom of God"-Orson Pratt
"How can a person possibly become what he is NOT THINKING? Nor is any thought when persistently entertained to small to have its effects..."-Spencer W. Kimball
I know its so.... so... so... very difficult to control our minds but just imagine what we can do when we learn how? I've struggled with it my whole life and I finally learned, I can control my mind. Its weird before I felt like I didn't even know I could do that! hahaha. I love my mission so much, It has taught me more than I can even write.
When we can master both our mind and bodies we will soon find our selves close to the Glory of God.
-Elder Herdt
PS: After that dog bite I think it may be affecting me a little.