Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This has been a GREAT week!

Elder Brown and Elder Herdt

We love study time!
This week Has been a Great one! Elder Brown and I hit it off with-out a kink. I feel Elder Brown and I are getting along so well because of our expectations of what level of obedience we will live and that is exact obedience. "When you decide to live the same level of obedience there will more of an opportunity for the Spirit to remain in your presence, which will allow your companionship to grown in unity" -President Fenn 
 It makes sense because if one companion is living a lesser law there going to contend on how there going to live and what law they will live by so on and so forth. When you live exactly obedient there will be no contention. Elder Brown and I decided we were going to take this Transfer as almost in a way a White wash and it was Great because the Tuesday night Elder Brown came in we had dinner with the old ward mission leader and we told him how we wanted to go to work in this area and he responded very well to that told us he could help us and Teach us the ins and outs of the area and ward, he said our area use to be a 40 lesson a week area and Elder Brown and I want that. So we have really put a butts in gear. We had a great kick off with 13 referrals in one day and we've been contacting most of them with in the week, several seem a solid as a rock. We also have been implementing A constant finding effort talking to everyone, It was amazing Sunday after church were contacting referrals in an apartment complex and instead of hopping in are care and driving down the street to another referral we decided to walk in hopes of contacting someone along the way. Well almost like we planned it we ted Andrew, who said he was looking for a church and before we even taught him anything asked where our church build was so he could go, So seeing this Golden moment we shared with him the Restoration of the gospel and the first vision after we shared with him Joseph Smiths experience in the grove he (almost cry) said this is one of the most beautiful this I've heard in a long time. I have felt really blessed this week and hope to see more miracles to come.

       "When we live exactly obedient the endowment of faith is bestowed upon us"-Elder Bruce R. McConkie And when Faith in abundance anything can happen and that when we see miracles preformed.
-Elder Herdt