Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's COLD outside!

 Oh my goodness, is it cold. hahha I don't think, 1. I've ever been in weather this cold  and 2. would ever want to live in Weather this cold. -15+windchill= a really cold missionary. But instead of settling for the weather making it not so great for missionary work, Elder brown and I are trying to make the best of it by being creative, shoveling driveways and contacting in the cold and such, we have truly seen miracles and blessing from the sacrifices in this cold season. We have increased our new investigator pool already for the month by 400% Its amazing! Another miracle was we got to see one of our investigators that hasn't came to church for months come, we had to dig him out of half a foot of snow to get him to come but he got there none the less its was great! The district is doing amazing as well, a Set of Hermanas sadly lost an amazing investigator to a stroke but gained their entire family and then some as new investigators and then some. The lord is truly blessing us and our district. 

~Elder Herdt-Spiritual Ninja