Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life is Going Great!


   Yeah, I loved calling and talking to you on Sunday, but it's funny how not home sick I am. I don't know if it's that I love being where I am or that I see you on Facebook and I get tons of emails from the fam. Who knows, but I love being a missionary and I love Rochelle. Life is going great here I have a couple of cool stories I want to share.
   We have been teaching this man name Salvador for a long time, he is
so prepared, he is in reality a dry Mormon. He would have been baptized
already but they hadn't recieved his fiancé's divorce papers yet and they were just sitting on a desk just waiting to be sent and no one had sent them.  After many phone calls and $50 later they came in. So now they will be married this Saturday and baptized right after the marriage! Woot woot!
  The next is our next door neighbor who has been talking casually with
the missionaries on again and off again. But, not until last Saturday
did he actually sit down with us and let us share a message with
him. We watched the movie the testaments and he was a huge movie/Indian
buff and he loved it. He said, "native Americans and Jesus are like
bread and butter, it Just makes sense." He then came to church on
Sunday to see me give a talk for Mother's Day. I hope soon he will
take the discussions and become a member. Plus he gives us food all
the time so he is awesome!
We have one of the best places to live in the whole mission.  It's a townhouse that we rent from a member.  We keep it clean so the spirit can dwell there.

-Elder Herdt