Monday, May 5, 2014

Love Small Towns!

 I would just like to start off with... Love small towns! People are way
kinder and less paranoid. Just an example, we were out tracting at
7:30 and this older lady opens the door (passed experience would make
me think I was about to be yelled at) and starts talking to us and
invites us in, brings out food for us, and brings her husband out to meet us. Some way we brought up that we needed a large map of the town and said she would get us one. This is a lady we just met and it just blew my mind that people are so nice. I think I'm going to like Rochelle.

  My new companion's name is Elder Wilson.
  It was nice to move in. We have a townhouse and a washer and dryer
that we don't have to pay to use, HALLELUJAH!!!! The mission office
said it's one of the nicest places in the mission because we are renting from a member.
   We have some sweet investigators.  One could be baptized today if his
fiancé's divorce papers would come in. They havee been waiting months
and they said it has been signed bought they haven't sent them yet.
An another has smoking issues but can stop. Send me some tips if you
know good ways to quit smoking.
   It's really weird to be serving so close to Dekalb,(my first area) last week and now this week we will be driving through it every day. But it's good though because I haven't been feeling distracted. It's not my area anymore and I have been called to serve in Rochelle. It was good to
see some old ward members though. It felt like when I went to church I
was just coming home off my mission and seeing people I hadn't seen in
a while.
   Another really cool thing was our mission president went to NIU to do
a presentation on questions of the soul and a Q&A. Not a lot of
people came but he got to have some one on one time afterwards with an
investigator and it really helped her progress a lot because our mission president could answer any question that she could throw at him.
   I'm so blessed to be serving a mission, in such a great mission under
such a great mission president, meeting with amazing people everyday.
God prepares us everyday to meet people that he wants us to touch but
do we talk to those people?
If not, we need to do so... It's great :)
Elder Herdt