Sunday, January 4, 2015

Spiritual Ninja

Today we had a zone bowling activity so I didn't get a chance to write too much.  
Our mission does a 10-10-30 principle which is to
Invite someone to hear the restored message 10 minutes after we leave the apartment, then to talk to 10 people every day about the message and if no appointments are possible contact someone every 30 minutes
to take to them about the restored gospel.

-Things in the area are on a slow up hill climb. We found a new investigator through "He is the Gift" and she has really been enjoying learning about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. Sadly she will be moving to the same area as Keith, the one legged guy elder Engler and I
taught and he moved and got baptized outside our mission. So, interesting. The Chicago mission needs to send us more referrals for all the ones we send them.
We have interviews with President Fenn this week.  
-I really look forward to meetings with President Fenn, I'm always confident when I'm with him, I think that comes with a clear conscience. I like him a lot.
Thanks for the new suit and all the other goodies.

Love you mom.
your-spiritual ninja