Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last Week in Morton

Had a pretty good week with some amazing things sprinkled in between.

Friday I went on exchanges with the missionaries in Pekin. We had some
great success! We were able to find and teach a lot of interested people and for what I heard their area was an area that people were
Hard hearted! But we even got a referral from someone while tracting.
It made me feel really good working hard and seeing success

This last Saturday we were visiting a less active who has been
battling recently with anti-mormon material and said he won't come
back to church till he gets answers. Something cool happened while
were we teaching him. We shared moroni 7:12-17 and taught about
comparing the Holy Ghost and Satan. Right after we were comparing his
feelings with anti-mormon material he stopped us and said," ok it just
all clicked, these guys are trying to confuse me and the church isn't.
Okay elders who is going to pick me up for church". later at dinner we
Got somoone to agree to pick him up and he showed up for church the
next day. He had not been to church since last year and he had a great
experience. It seemed like he never missed one Sunday.

The last miracle happened Sunday. It was a lot harder to get than the
last one. We got a text during church from a non-member of a part
member family asking us if we could help Him move that day and that he
had no body helping him and really need the help. So I ask Elder Hahn
if we should and he said "no..... We're not doing that elder" he was
very fixed that he would not break the sabbath. I didn't see a problem
with it and thought in the long run it would be better, plus by
coincidence our appointment for that hour canceled, and opened up an
opportunity to go help. He was still stern with me saying we
would not feel comfortable serving on Sunday. So we called our zone
leader to ask what they would do. They told us to go. Elder Hahn still
didn't want to go. So after a few minutes of silence I looked over at
him and ask. Will you at least pray with me to find out what to do.
After our prayer we both had a strong feeling to call our elders
quorum leader, Don Mehr. We called and asked him and he told us the
same thing. I told Elder Hahn, and also that our zone leaders told us.
That it would be more important to serve this part member family then
to not do it because of the sabbath. So after we were done talking
with him, Elder Hahn started doing the math and told me that we would
not have any time to help because of our next appointment and the time
it took to travel and change. So I didn't argue and just sat there
thinking. Then it came to me, I ask elder Hahn, why would God tell us
to call pres. Mehr for him to tell us to go and then us not go because
of time. I told elder Hahn that we need to go and we wouldn't need to
change clothes to serve giving us enough time to help. He finally
agreed and we left. The service went great and we were able to help
him out and their family. They welcomed us back to there home and with
hopes now we will teach him and help there family out spiritually.

Elder Herdt