Saturday, February 21, 2015

Transferred to Schaumburg

Here is a picture on my district in Morton.

I will be in the Schaumburg east zone, I will be serving in the
Schaumburg 2rd Ward, which happens to be the only English Ward, no
such thing as a 1st Ward there. It's the area right on top of
Bloomingdale.  I could walk 2 blocks south from my new apartment and be
in my old area. So It will be cool so see new faces and old faces, see
some of the recent converts I taught up there and hopefully I'll be able
to see one go to the temple. It might be a car-share area. But we'll
find out.
My new companion is elder Harvey, I will be follow up training him
because he just got trained. I will be a district leader still. I feel that I have
made a positive influence on missionaries in my time as a missionary. I
think I have finally felt comfortable enough to say I feel like an
experienced missionary. I feel that I have gained a sufficient enough experience
 to handle most situations that missionaries experience. 
This last area has been extremely humbling to me, it
has got me on the path I need to go.

Elder Herdt