Monday, September 30, 2013


  So Elder Engler Is Gone tomorrow:\ I'm really going to miss him, but he'll be one of my best friends for a long time:) HE'S GOING ZONE LEADER ON ME! He is off to Joliet and I'm staying here. My new companion is Elder Black From Arizona! I Don't know much about him, but in his mission he has been a Zone leader twice, so I'm super excited and I know there is going to be a lot of work to be done in Dekalb!
        We have has a few miracles In Dekalb one being a man named M****, who the sister missionaries in Dekalb contacted. The next day he went to Beans and Bibles and He bore his testimony there and went to Church the next day. He has been reading the Book of Mormon; Which Is awesome, has a testimony of it and Everything. He's committed to Baptism and told us he is sick of not being able to pay his tithing at his old Church and wants to start pay Tithing here. He also wants to be a part of our ward choir and wants to sing a solo some day in sacrament meeting! He is awesome, right now he has job problems that he is trying to work on so he can come to church on Sunday and just trying to find a better job so he can pay his bills and go to Church. We promised him that as he strives to seek God's kingdom the lord will bless him with a job. Just as 3 Nephi 13:31-34 promises.
       Our next miracle is J*** who we received as a referral. In the text, it told us that he will be moving to Dekalb, He is faithfully reading the book of Mormon and is ready to be Baptized. My jaw dropped open and I couldn't believe that the Lord was blessing us with this investigator. Here is where the real Miracle takes place. We called the sister who gave us the referral to ask the history on him. They told us that He Had never been taught by missionaries, had got a Book of Mormon from some LDS friends who where helping him out with his divorce and he contacted the missionaries asking what he had to do now.  They told him that he needed to be baptized he accepted and then he moved to Dekalb. We called him later to talk to him and he told us the night before he fell asleep reading the Book of Mormon and that we want to come to church every Sunday and if in the winters he could get a ride because all he has is a moped. Mind you he is making all of these commitments on his own, most of which he has not even been told to do. He gave us referrals for his family to get missionaries to them and he is defending the church from his Friends who know nothing about us. My goodness if that isn't the Lord and his companion the Holy Ghost doing missionary work I don't know what is. He is amazing and even though I haven't even meet him yet I love him already!
        We have been doing alot of work with the members getting in their homes and sharing quick messages with them about the up coming conference and missionary work. We really have seen an improvement in the ward almost a lifting up and it has been making me a really good bond with us.
        -keep the faith, and hold fast to the anchor of the gospel because it not till after the trial of our faith that the blessings come.
-Elder Herdt
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