Monday, March 10, 2014

Spiritual Ninja--Mitt Romney

 And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me;
 And said unto me: Thou art my aservant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified.

This week was just one of those really good ones you get on your mission, Filled with more joy than usual and blessed by the Lord. It was great for our companionship and our District too, because we got the most member presents than we have seen in YEARS! (members going to lessons with us)
              Now on Tuesday was just one of those really cool experiences that was prepared and blessed by the Lord. Because we were low on miles we decided to walk from our appointment to a lesson.... on a windy cold day.... well we walked a couple of miles to the person's home, knocked on the door, he answered, said he was sick and told us to come back next week. Well we were a little sad because all  walking did for us was worked us out and got us cold.  So when we were walking back home I looked down a Street and saw this Red van, which I had seen earlier that month, that had this licence plate with big old letters. "ROMNEY" so without hesitation we went to knock on the persons door. We knocked on the door and this lady comes to the window and swats at us to go away. So, at this point, I'm tired and a little irritated too, so I whipped out a Free Book of Mormon Card and stuck it in there door and said walking away If you really like Mitt Romney you will want to read this book. So the rest of the day goes uneventful but the following day we get a text from Head quarters saying someone had requested a Book of Mormon. So we go to the address and it started looking familiar when we see  that it's the same house with the Romney van!!!! We get to the Door and before even knocking this sweet little old lady opens the Door and lets us in. We taught her the whole restoration and she was asking just the best questions, one of which was if we believed in the Holy Ghost.  We told her yes, and she said GOOD! because I had a very special experience with the Holy Ghost comforting me while I was in a surgery telling me all will be well and if you had said no I would have just booted you out the door. She had very great impressions from the Church growing up 25 years ago.  We invited her to be baptized and she said if this is all true and the spirit tells me I will join your church, and be baptized! It was great! She should be coming to church this coming Sunday and I just can't wait to see how she will progress. Maybe I can get Mitt Romney to baptize her too!!!! Anyone have any connections to help us out with that maybe?
           This Last Friday while I was at the missionary Training meeting, Elder Palmer and Elder Hansen got to run the area while I was gone. I was proud to come back to see how great their day went. They went found a ton of new investigators and I was quite impressed. I really enjoyed the meeting though. I got a lot out of it and felt like I came out a better missionary; more obedient and more focused on the work. The true highlight of that day though was when I was in the meeting with Elder Smith, McMullen and Tolbert. I got to sit down with Sister Fenn and get to know each other. We talked about how  Elder McConkie asked for her mother's hand in marriage and about her childhood growing up in a home like hers. She told us stories about Elder McConkie it was great. She asked me about my family and what I was planning on getting into as a profession after I get out college. It was one of the day's that I don't think I'll forget about.  
           Sunday was a great day! I was fasting that day for a friend and investigator and so I was extra sensitive to the spirit and I learned a lot from sacrament meeting.  After church the whole day we had got flipped flopped around. Our 3 o'clock lesson got moved to 4 so we had to move our 4 o'clock lesson to 3. Then a member came up to us and said, "go talk to my son he wants to set up a lesson with you".  Confused we went up to him and he told us that his wife wanted to take the lessons and asked if we could meet around 5.  We put them in to the schedule and all 3 lessons were just flawless. The member's daughter-in-law accepted to be baptized.  2 of our other investigators are getting baptized this week.  It will be the First person I will have ever Baptized!!!!  My week was just the best I feel like I could have had!
-Elder Herdt.