Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We must be made as diamonds!

This may have been one of my first truly stressful weeks in my mission and as I've told others, that doesn't  mean that it was a bad week, but one that has mad me build the most.  The strongest natural made thing in this world is made only that way because its it put through the most stress of anything in this world! We must be made as diamonds. Strong, sharp, and clear, beautiful in the way that if others took a glance it would be easy to tell who we are and what type of people we are. 
                I was looking forward so much to the New missionary training meeting this week. I hadn't been to one in a while and it really made my day! 
Even though it was forever long. It put me in prospective of what type of missionary I was and what type of missionary I needed to become. I left that meeting well charged with the charge to do the work of salvation with all my Heart might mind and strength. Following that day we had a wonderful district meeting. I had the hermanas teach the principles of invitation and I gained a lot of knowledge of things I could do better. I felt  I had accomplished my goal as a district leader and that God was pleased with me, also because a few hermanas said that they felt like they got a lot out of district meeting. Being edified from every meeting is the goal.
                  Following Wednesday was by Birthday.  It went good but it was a hassle and a half of a day but it was good, I was a little sad to though because I didn't get to have an interview with president that day but looking on the bright side I can talk to him and ask him about more stuff now because I will have time to think about stuff! A highlight of that day was mama sent me some tacos from Las Vegas and they were so good!! Easy some of thee best, if not thee best tacos out there. 
                  One of the sad things though this week was the family we had on date for the 8th baptism fell through because she got pulled into work with-out any notice. Satan is a jerk sometimes.
                  But the True Highlight was  waking up at 3:30 am on Saturday morning to go to the temple! I learned a lot, I was very surprised how much I had forgotten about the temple but I remembered the things I knew in the past and more. That made me a happy camper, a tired happy camper, But a good one.
Elder Herdt