Tuesday, April 22, 2014

God is good, God is great, God please make us warmer in this state.

God is good, God is great, God please make us warmer in this state.

I feel weird not having warm weather and leaves for Easter.....
But I hope now that it's 70° It's will stay that way. The good thing
though out here it doesn't just stay 70° for a week, it stays that way for a good while.

Well this Easter week was a long one..... One of, if not the longest
week I have ever felt. Chicago wind + missionaries + bikes = dog
tired. But I've always looked forward to biking on a mission ever since I was a wee lad going to appointments on my little bmx bike with the

    We had an awesome week I guess the real highlight of the week was our
investigator tom, who likes to call him self "Brother Carr". He is a
great investigator and a great guy. This Good Friday he took us out to
all you can eat fried fish, and felt it to be appropriate for the
occasion. Half of his family worked there so we got through a 30
minute line in five and just enjoyed ourselves. The second thing that
was a highlight with him was we came by for Easter and he was telling
us about his family outing and said that someone asked about "his new
religion" and asked if that was the church who didn't believe in
Jesus. He said he stood up for "his religion" and taught them about
the restoration and how Jesus Christ restored His church through a
living prophet like old. Man our investigator must have really been
listening to conference this year about standing up for your faith. He
is a great guy and he is about as close as a inch away form getting
baptized but he is struggling from quitting smoking. So, what we are
doing as a ward this Sunday is having a fast and prayer for him to give
him the desire and the power to quit smoking. Also if anyone has had an experience of how to quit smoking, shoot me an email. Please.

   This week I really felt close to my Savior. I felt I was walking every
step of the way with him, through this last week as I studied his life. The story
came to life to me and it was so personal I can't even explain. I love
Easter and I praise my Lord and God every day because of the things
that happened that week long ago. Most of all though, what happened Easter morning. I know that Jesus didn't just die for us but he lives for us so that we can be free of the slave master of death. If it wasn't for my faith in Jesus Christ there would be no reason to keep his
commandments, to have good morals and to do good things. If it wasn't
for what he did we all might as well eat drink and be merry for
tomorrow we die. But with Christ if we eat of his flesh, drink of
his blood and remember Him, we shall surely live.

-Keep the faith build His Kingdom.
Elder Herdt