Monday, April 28, 2014

Last Week in Bloomingdale!

I have ten minutes to write this so I'll try to make it count.
This last week was a real great one to be my last one in Bloomingdale. 
I've been here just about 6 months, a quarter of my mission and I
don't regret a second of it. We finally have seen success with biking
now that there is more people out and about. We just give some wiggle
room between each appointment and talk to EVERYONE that we see. I have
learned that God truly places people in our paths if we ask him to,
and when you can show that you'll talk to those he puts in your path he
will then entrust you with his elect.
  We had a miracle referral, it was for a man in a nursing home and we
put him in as our 3rd back up plan and 2 of our most solid
appointments fell through so we went to go visit him. When we walked in
we saw a set of scriptures in a case on a table where he was at and he
said " Sit down elders it's good to see you." As we talked we found out
he was a member and hadn't been to church in a half a year,not by
choice but he was moved to this nursing home and no one knew where he
was. It was a true miracle because the person who referred him
didn't know he was a member. He cried as he expressed that he thought he would never see a missionary again and he wanted to go to church more than anything in the world. We called a member up right away and they got him to church the following Sunday.
  Keith also came out with us. It was so cool because he is such a great
missionary and miracles happen when he is with us. Well I'm out of time.
I have been transferred to Rochelle to be a district leader of all sisters again and
I'll follow up training a new missionary. I haven't left the same latitude my whole mission.