Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father Again!

  What a week to end transfers on. We had preparation day, then exchanges with the zone leaders which we got to see a few Miracles. We went tracting and we both had the impression to go to the other side of the street to start. We went all the way down to the end of the street with only a few people answering their door.  On the way back we saw a young man pull up and go into his home. His sister was outside and we started to talk to her, she expressed she wasn't religious but her brother was. We met him and told him that we were representatives if Jesus Christ and we had a message to share with him. He let us in and we taught him the restoration. He accepted a return appointment and a soft baptismal invite. Wednesday we had a wonderful district meeting and felt the spirit strong as we discussed about our purpose in life. We felt impressed by the spirit and realized how selfish we are to deny someone the opportunity to access the atonement by not inviting them to be baptized. Thursday was weekly planning. Friday because of the meeting and other hiccups we didn't get back home until after 9 pm. Saturday was a blast with the mini missionary and a shock to the system with transfer calls. This has been the fastest transfer cycle I have ever gone through and tomorrow will be the End. A whole lot of missionaries already guessed who the new AP was going to be and they were right, Elder Ward. Some major changes are going on in my neck of the woods too. Elder Engler called Saturday night and told us elder Wilson (my companion) will be going to Bloomington normal with Elder Stoking as a co senior companion. And then elder Engler said " Elder Herdt your pregnant...." I was extremely confused but then realized that he meant I was going to be training again!!!! I could not believe it! I felt really surprised because I didn't see it coming. I pray every night now that God will help me through training again. I'm going to need it. Next mind blowing event is The Zone leader's area is splitting. Elder Allgood is going to be taking over the area, the splitting and training and the most Mind blowing thing is Elder Brown  is going to be my Zone Leader!!!!! Next I not going to be district leader of the Sycamore sisters, Sycamore Hermanas and Belvidere sisters any more.  Now I'm going to be district leader over the Zone Leaders and the old assistant and Byron sisters and Freeport sisters.

       Earth shattering news in Rochelle! A member showed us the Thursday newspaper and we saw that The Church is requesting a special building permit to acquire the 2 year vacant bank building on 1010 7th st. , for a house of worship.  This means a miracle for missionary work! Many less actives, investigators and even former investigators will be able to attend church here in their own town. This town has needed this is a long time and this will bless the lives of hundreds to come. The church hasn't even said anything yet about it though.   A member said the is the first time in years that Rochelle paper actually broke some news.
  There are some good Mexican Eats around here but I need to look for some more. (miss Pepe’s)
That's about it I love serving The Lord and will be doing it for the rest of my life.

 -Elder Herdt