Friday, June 27, 2014

My Half Way Mark!

It's crazy I'll be half way this Thursday. One of the cool things about being half way is everyone that I helped get baptized throughout my mission up
to this point, I will now get to see go through the temple in the following year. Jen Tomas who was my first baptism, is going to
the temple hopefully in early august, while I'm still in Rochelle. I get to see her every Sunday and I think it's really good for her to
have me her to get through this first year of membership. Well let's
make this analogy a bike analogy. You could think that hump day is the
peak of a mountain and the difference between a consecrated missionary
and a regular missionary, or a committed missionary and just active
missionary, is a consecrated mission would pedal to the end when a
regular missionary would just coast because he can. I don't plan on
being a coaster. I want to crescendo till the end of my mission. Our
mission president talks 2 kinds of missionaries who will at the end of
their mission do ether of 2 things the get trunky or crescendo till
the end and it's funny out of my 2 companions who are home. The
companion who was a zone leader just coasted till the end of his
mission and the the missionary that was my hardest companion
crescendo-ed till the end of his mission.
Well Elder Earl and I are having a blast! I really enjoy having him as
a companion. It makes training really easy when you get along so well.
He reminds me a lot of Jorge Velazquez but white haha. He has Jorge's
laugh and everything.
We have had a lot of miracles this week. First of all we backed into the mission's truck and left a hug dent in our car but the truck had no damage. Later went to a lesson and when we got out, the dent was gone. (Whew! Dodged a bullet) We have found a lot of new investigators and have been teaching a lot. We got a referral from a member and because of that referral we are now teaching the referral, the mother, the sister and the brother of the referral.
We have an investigator right now who is really progressing, she is a
really sweet lady who has 3 adopted black children. She is a Jehovah
witness investigator that goes to their church but won't get baptized
in their church because she doesn't agree with all their doctrine. But
everything we teach her she loves and makes so much sense to her. We
had a young man come to a lesson with her and the daughter of the lady
was friends with our young man. Last but not least we have an investigator who isn't progressing but has been investigating for a while, because her husband is less active and she is still kinda progressing we go still go see her.  We brought
our recent covert with us and they knew our new member and it feel we are going to make some ground now with her.

I have to go another busy week but love you all!

-Elder Herdt.