Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam!

This week was a great one in my eyes with a few disappointments in between. We had an investigator who planned on being baptized Saturday but because she will be moving to a neighboring ward this week we thought it would be best to have her baptized in the ward that she will be moving into. The Lord did bless me with the chance to go see an
investigator I taught for 6 months in my last area. He finally gave up
is "man pacifier", aka 'cigar', and was baptized. He said the reason he
was changed was because of his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He is almost done reading it now and he is a totally different person from the first time I saw him. The gospel has changed this man from a grumpy
old drug dealer to a sweet kind loving man. After the baptism his wife
said that she guesses it's her turn and his mom's as well. Truly
salvation is a family affair.
We have found a lot of success with trying to find people. Even though our investigator pool is still pretty low, it's been going great!  I have found some sincere seekers of truth. One was an investigator of the Jehovah witness' church. She said she liked a lot about their church but she said she didn't agree with a few things; one of which was that you shouldn't go to war to protect your country and family.  She believed that it was right to fight to protect your family, so we showed her Alma 48, the chapter about Captain Moroni and what type of man he was and what God's stance was. She said we could come back.  We can't wait to go back! We also found this man who was in gang but is the sweetest guy ever. He said he would be willing to do anything to get that peace of the spirit in his life. We told him baptism is the way and he said he wanted to be 100% committed first. I have been working pretty hard and been feeling the spirit. 
Elder Herdt