Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Week In the Life:)

A week in the life of Elder Earl and Myself. We had a pretty good
week. But weren't able to teach a lot because of the fact that a ton
of lessons that we had planned fell through. Even one day all
of the lesson set fell through. But this must mean something is coming around the bend. That thing I'm guessing is what was announced by
the church this last Sunday, which was that next Sunday they will be
announcing the changes in the ward/wards about Rochelle's up coming
And as hard as our last week was this week is going to be even crazier
because today's is preparation day, tomorrow is new missionary
training meeting in Naperville from 9-4, Wednesday is district meeting
and Thursday is mission leadership council for 9-4. Friday we'll be in
Sycamore all day for the fourth of July. And Saturday is our window to
proselyte for the week. So were going to make it count.
In closing I do want to share with you what I've been pondering
today. And that is what I have learned most on my mission. On my mission
I have learned how much obedience is important. Think of obedience or
disobedience in this way. Being willfully disobedient is like telling
GOD, who is omniscient, "I know better than you". We can only see veil
to veil, God sees eternity to eternity. We can only theorize on our
own past, that which we can see. But with the word of God, which is our
peep whole into eternity, we can know what we need to do in this life.
All else is secondary and all else that is against what which we see
through that peep whole in to eternity is and should be not even
I love God, I love this work and I love this gospel!
-Elder Herdt