Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"The Antonement", by far my favorite subject.

Hey ho howdy do,
I was thinking about Christ sacrifice he made for us and I
love the atonement. It's by far my favorite subject. To even try to fathom everything the atonement encompasses just shatters all mortal comprehension. The atonement was and is "infinite and intimate".
Because we are not infinite beings yet, we cannot comprehend infinite and the intimacy of the atonement was so very personal that he felt every living thing, every feeling from them birth to death from before his birth and even after his death. How could someone feel an
infinite amount of pain and suffering in a limited amount of time though? Well let's go to some math how many fractions are between the numbers of 1 and 2, it's infinite. Jesus is the son of God, which makes him a God and being a God he could live forever and lay down his
own life and lift it back up again. But being the son of a mortal woman he had the ability to suffer plain and suffer so allowing him the opportunity to be the only one who can atone for the sins of men and still live. Those are all of my thoughts.
Work is been pretty great out here we had some pretty big things
happen. So this last Sunday was the first Sunday we had both sacrament
and Sunday school classes. It went pretty great, I gave a talk too, with
a high councilman and he was so funny. He is a big black guy and
preaches like a baptist preacher, he is hilarious. It was great because
we have an investigator family come and she is a white lady with 3
adopted black kids, I think it really helped them feel comfortable at
church. Now the really big thing is that our area is getting split
tomorrow! There going to put a companionship of sisters in half our
area. It's crazy but I just means the work is hastening and The Lord
sees it fit that Rochelle is going to have a lot of work to do.
Love elder Herdt