Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Like Barns:)

I want to apologize for not writing last week we had to go do exchanges and had to drive all they way to Stirling, which is about and hour. A trip which we have to make again today for another exchange/ baptismal interview. But I made sure this week I write y'all. So we split our area, lucky for me I wasn't required to leave my trainee. But the other area became a sisters area, which is good and bad in some regards but it's crazy how they split our little town of 10,000 between us 2 sets of missionaries. God must be really working with our leaders and they must be inspired to have them do this. Because it's nutso! Were doing pretty well though, it's hard when all your appointments either fall through or your investigators drop you when your member is there. Almost all our lessons we had were not set appointments, it was really hard. But we made sure we were working and serving The Lord, helping others come unto Christ. We had this cool experience where we were out biking and we had to bike through this part of town were there are 4 train tracks right after another. So we come up to the first track and we get spotted by a train and a kid pulls up behind us and after that train the 3rd track has a train on it and then it stops. And on the 4th track ANOTHER Train stopped. I'm thinking to my self at this time. Okay I think God is trying to give us time to talk to this kid. So I roll back and start talking to him about his religious life and his belief in God and so on and so forth. Posing him religious questions here and there that really made him think about things he has never thought about. Taught him about Joseph Smith's experience and his search for a right religion. Then we told him how Jesus was a perfect example and was baptized and how Jesus told us, unless a man is baptized you can not enter into the kingdom of heaven. So I looked him in the eye and said "Larry, when you know this is true, will you be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" And he accepted. The hardest thing about that was when we got his contact information we found out that he was in the sisters area. That's how missionary work is often done. One sows while another reaps. I love The Lord and I Love this work. Best thing I have ever done. Also the hardest but I would trade it for anything. " a mission is a series of disappointing evens PIERCED with moments of PURE joys" - President J. Fenn -Elder Herdt