Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Fireworks over Chicago skyline Posters
Q: Does everyone have P-day on the 4th?
   We're among the only ones to be blessed enough to have P-day on the 4th, woo woo!!!  Tonight we're going to the park by the mtc to see the stadium of fire fireworks.
Me: I miss your good-night kisses:(
    I'm so sorry about the kisses:/ i should have kissed your hand for you to remember me.
Me: Be sure to take some pictures before you leave the MTC to remember your group by.
   Well, I do need to take more pictures but they dont really want us to do much here because its destracting and what not.
Q: Have you had a chance to finish up the Book of Mormon again?
 I haven't been reading the book of mormon to finish it up really, because 1st I can't use my ipod here (to listen while I read along), second, I just have no time, 3rd, when I  have time, I need to study other things. I told my branch president I hadn't finished but he said my testimony of the book was more than people who have read it so I will finish it but not here.
Q:  Do you know what your flight plans are for Monday?
  I have to wake up at 4 or earlier on monday to fly out. Kinda stinks but glad to get to the field.
Q: Was the literacy program to help with reading?
 The literacy program stopped letting me come because they said I didnt need it so thats a good sign.
Q: Could you share some of you experiences you've been having in the MTC?
    I wish i could share with you the crazy awesome mtc experiences I've had but there is not enough time on the computers to do so but i am recording them to share later. My schedule is packed full everyday, no time to stop. but today was what I needed time to think and relax.
So, I love you all and cant wait to write you next!
Elder Herdt