Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June 26th Entering the Mission Training Center (MTC)

! I'm having a Blast in here right now, Its long but amazing!
Day 1:    As you know I was stressing out a little the days before my mission started.  The blessing helped and all but what helped it for me was Alma telling his sons of his repentance process.  The next was Dad's nature walk.  That helped out so much.  Lastly, the temple. (We went to the Provo temple to do family sealings just before we dropped him off) When I walked into my first class today I felt ready and worthy to be the Lord's missionary. 
Day 2:  So today was......long. Very , very long.  Devoting so much is new but I have the faith to do what they and the Lord ask.  I'm feeling the spirit and getting a huge grasp on the spirit.   I'm learning almost too much.  Also being pushed in areas that are new to me.  I got placed in a literacy program and I can't wait to see what I can get out of that. Gym is a blessing. I would die if i didnt have it! I'll write next week and I am good with everything.  You supplied me well. 
I love you,
Elder Herdt
*having super crazy spiritual experiences!!