Monday, July 29, 2013


          "I don't understand English"   The Lord Provides

              1 Month under my belt!

So..... I JUST HAD MY ONE MONTHer!!!!!!!   Elder Engler & I decided we wanted to go through the Ward list and visit the people on the list we didn't know.  Most had moved, but when got to this one house looking for a member, the member had moved but the new Resident was super receptive to hearing the gospel.  HE GRADUATED FROM CHEYENNE HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! This is the last town I would imagine a Cheyenne high school grad would end up! haha it was too funny.   I can't wait to see how he will receive the lessons.  Throughout the  week we made more visits on the list and meet Inactive members who frankly were just forgot about or lost & would love the gospel back in their lives, its been an awesome experience! 
           So we've been working with an Awesome Investigator this past couple of weeks, she's gone to 4 sacrament meetings in the Past 3 weeks. She knows the gospel is True and Is getting baptized Very soon!

 I cant believe it, she is on the list of Best Investigators EVER!! We also Have another person on Date named Rubin, He is the sweetest guy ever! He just went to Church for the First time & liked it a lot! He's been reading the Book of Mormon & ever time we see him He is looking better & happier. Both have had rough lives but I can see how the lord has been preparing them for them to receive this message now! 
           Elder Engler and I have seen a lot of miracles this week.  First was when we needed a member this week for a lesson and we picked him up and went to the lesson, well the person we were teaching  wasn't there so we were dropping by other investigators' houses and no one was home.  Elder Engler and I were feeling bad because we didn't want to waste his time. We then noticed this house we got a referral for 3 weeks ago and haven't been able to contact, both elder Engler and I felt like we should try. We knocked on the door and a little Hispanic lady came out. We asked if the referral was home but she said she didn't understand English, soon as she said that the member start rattling off in Spanish for like 3 seconds with her and she then turn around and walked away. Thinking she go upset our hearts dropped until the member with a smile on his face says come on in were going to teach her. OUR JAWS DROP, not understanding what was going on. We end up teaching he a lesson completely in Spanish! THE COOLEST THING THAT EVER COULD HAPPEN. As we sat in the living room, the member bore his testimony in Spanish with such conviction, on how much the gospel had blessed his life and his family's and what it did for him. I was about to cry... We left that home not exactly knowing what had happened but with new testimonies of This wonderful gospel and why we share it. 
            I know that this Gospel is true.   Everyday I receive another witness of it. It has blessed me already more than I can say.  I wish I knew where to start to thank the lord & I know that there are much more blessings to come. I love the quote that "A mission is the best 2 years of a mother's life", but I know that it will be the best two years FOR my life. I Strive everyday to be come a better Disciple of Jesus Christ and I know that I will never, every, cease to strive to become closer to my savior Jesus Christ.
"By their fruits ye Shall know them"
Elder Herdt