Monday, July 15, 2013

New Mission, New Companion, New Area

   I left the MTC at 3 am on the 8th of july and took off from the airport around 8. They crammed 38 elders and sisters on a plane that was just larger than a sardine can--plus 2 years of supplies for each missionary. Needless to say not everyone  got there stuff there that day..... I did though! x)
 I had cool experience; two sisters and I, placed a Book of Mormon and got a contact information, as we gave him the book he started to cry because it was what he has been looking for, for a while.

    Well, the first day there we stayed the night at Pres. Finn's home and had some devotionals. Then Pres. Finn started interviewing all of us.  I found out one of the reasons why I'm here because well, Pres. Finn is a barbershopper, likes bicycles, motorcycles and etc.  He is so cool and I love him already! The next day was transfer meeting day and the way they put comps together is they have the trainer up front, they talk about their area and then assign the junior comp. Well, when I saw Elder Engler walk up, I look over to the other Elders told them I was about to leave and Bing bong boom, He's to be my Trainer. Got to love the spirit!

  Now I'm finally In the field, and I've already put someone on date to be baptized and we have 4 others and one on the way. The days out here rarely get over 80 degrees and people complain -_- haha its funny, but it does get humid, blah. I'm serving in a little farmers town name Dekalb about 40 thousand people. The ward just got spit and we got the short end of the stick with 85 members, but with a promise of a huge growth in the area. I'm getting pretty excited. Plus the ward mission leader Brother Bound is awesome. He works at home as a graphic designer and He reminds me a little bit like Doug from king of queens. The lord is truly hastening the work and we see it every day with people who have been prepared to receive the gospel. It’s truly humbling. It’s been very hard work. My comp Elder Engler is a stud of a missionary and he’s teaching me a lot like right off the bat! It is amazing to see the Lord plans and how he works and to work along the side with him and with his angles. I'm really having a blast out here though and I just can’t wait to experience fall for the first time. 
      A few cool experience; first was that this lady who dropped us called back the day I came in and said she was having dreams about the church and she was reading the book of Mormon and had some questions and want us to come back, the Lord guides her because she's one who asks him a lot.   Another was a referral of a potential investigator for the Spanish sister missionaries and he actually called us, which never happens. We missed his call and didn't get a hold of him sadly. So we decided to knock of some potential doors and they weren't home, Elder Engler didn't wait to go back to the car and felt we should go the other way so I followed him. We see this park, and I saw two  guys there and I said we should talk to them so we went over and we get to the pavilion of the park about 50 feet from the guys and Engler gets a call and as he takes it 1 guy leaves but the other comes toward us. Engler gets off the phone and the guys ask “how much?”, thinking were salesmen and were like, “oh no were not selling anything, were missionaries” and he says, “oh Mormons right?” We say,”yes,” and he tells us he got a book of Mormon yesterday. We were confused because we’re the only ones giving out book of Mormons.  We find out he’s the referral the sisters gave us and we sat down and gave him the first lesson and it went amazing!

   The Chicago West Mission, is a 0 bike mission, all new cars, they just got 15 new apartments so there aren't any companionship's that share apartments.  I won’t be using the back pack I got anymore..... because there outlawing them saying there not professional so I need to get a messenger bag soon! And because it’s a no bike mission and the streets are confusing as heck I think I’ll pick up a GPS at Walmart.
Well, I have more stories but too  little time.
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Elder Travis Herdt
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                                                 love you!

                                               -your spirt ninja missionary Elder Herdt