Monday, August 26, 2013

Like bumpers in bowling!

 THANK YOU OH THANK YOU OH THANK YOU OH THANK YOU!!!! The Yoshida sauce just made my week mom. You don't even know. Seeing that beautiful package made me jump with joy. Plus Elder Engler eats his rice with Yoshida back at home. The simple Joy things bring to missionaries. I've realized how much I am blessed to have amazing parents like you two. I'm so happy mom that I had YOU as a mom. You have guided me maybe more than I liked at the time but I am more happy that you did because of it. You're like the bumpers in bowling. You keep the ball in bounds long enough that you got me to the end goal of knocking over the pins. But now I'm starting to understand how to set my own bumpers in life, better understanding the ways that my bowling ball tends to want to veer right or left.
  I'm still recovering from my last couple of tough weeks but my companion and I have been facing it full head on and are making the best of what we have. I enjoy trials just a little, seems crazy but I do, because they are opportunities to learn and progress as a person and for me as a missionary. We started the week pretty good! We finally got to teach a lesson to a guy my companion found in April. When he found him he was in a really hard place and saw the missionaries and told them he needed help to change his life and if they could do it. The lesson went amazing and he committed to baptism! Then after his lesson his neighbor was carrying in groceries, and we hurried and helped her out and as she put away the groceries we taught her the restoration of the Gospel, it was weird but awesome because she agreed with everything we told her. We didn't have a book of Mormon on us so we went out to the car and got her one, she said she will read it and call us when she's done But I think we might drop by a little sooner than her call :P  After  that we didn't have any other lesson planned  and as we prayed for guidance to where we should go and who to see, someone we tracked into came to mind and we went over to his home. He was so happy to see us because he really wanted us over soon because he was going to move the next day and wanted to hear our message. Our jaws dropped and I got shivers as the spirit reconfirmed that's why we needed to be there. I still get Shivers looking back at it!
           Some other awesome stories from the week; we got to see an investigator who we hadn't seen in a while. When she came over she said she had been listening to the book of Mormon on CD and was in 2 Nephi, she asked tons of questions leading into perfectly what our lesson was on and the spirit was very strong in the room, I love that feeling. Later this week after more dropped appointments we decided to tract and went to a street I felt prompted to visit for a while, we got a lot of new investigators from it. The lord truly provides when we listen to the promptings of the spirit. We had to Move out of another family of investigators this week, they're moving all the way to south Carolina :\ but it was a good thing though and the lord blessed us for it. The reason why is the family wasn't progressing well and as we offered our services to them, its started to really soften there hearts again. They loved what we did for them, mainly because the main source of help (Family and Friends) didn't help them. They told us the first thing they were going to do was look for a Church down where they're going to and ours was first on the list. Lucky us because we sent their info to the elders down there and I felt like it was going to be the best thing for them. As we moving them, one of their  neighbors came out and started talking to us saying that he always saw us doing good things and talking to so many people and we had wanted to know what we were about. We shared our message to him and he open up to us and wants us to come back over to his house and teach him! We were surprised because he lived on the street where we tracked earlier in the week but who would of known if he hadn't seen us helping in this move if we would have ever been able to teach him.
            We also had the wonderful opportunity to help a boy in the ward with his eagle project, he was repairing a cemetery and we found a couple of cool grave stones. One of which being William Marks section 117? the first stake president of the Church and the other just the picture on the head stone I found to be very cool and interesting.