Monday, August 19, 2013

No Luck in the Corn Fields!

  Well it was transfer week and I’m not going to lie, but I was freaking out just a tad because I didn’t want Elder Engler or me to be transferred.  The call came in that we were NOT receiving any new Transfers, so at least 6 more or + weeks in DEKALB! :D
       So to be Honest this was a very tough week, but a humbling one, I had a lot of time to look back in my experiences in my mission to learn from them. Almost all our lessons fell through and a lot of progressing investigators aren't progressing anymore. But, we made the best we could out of the week.
            I was on one huge emotional roller coaster with our Amazing investigator K****. We had him over on Monday to a member’s home to teach a little about family home evening and the Plan of Salvation. It went amazing and even though I'm not sure how much he got out of it, the biggest thing he did get out of it was that families can be together forever and it meant everything to him! He offered to take us out to dinner later in the week and asked if in two weeks he could get baptized. The day he wanted to take us out to dinner happened to be the day that someone was getting baptized, so we planned to go to dinner then the afterward go to the baptism and have a church tour. Satan had other plans for us. The dinner took over an hour because of oddly slow service and we hit every red light possible going to the baptism. We ended up missing the baptism and made it for the last talk. It was great because he met a lot of other LDS people and talked to the person who got baptized. I feel that it even made his feeling of being a part of something grow. But his story ended very sadly this week in a way. We had to move him and his family out of their house and out of our mission! IT KILLED ME!  We made sure that Missionaries were going to be on the other end to move them in and pick him up where we last taught him. Hopefully still get to the waters of baptism. He said he should be back in a couple of months so, I'm very happy for him but sad to see him go, because we are his only friends.
            M******* (Mike Tyson, the heavy weight boxer’s aunt) is progressing well and is working to get baptized in October!! The gospel is changing her and making her life so much better, it makes me so happy to see what the gospel does for people!
     There are a few people out here that just think; “oh I’m too old to change”, even if they know it’s true. The scripture that came to mind when I thought of that, was in 3rd Nephi 11: 33 & 34, it talks about those who are baptized receive the kingdom of heaven and those who don’t are damned. While I was in the MTC I found out the true meaning of being "Damned" and that it’s not like "you are going to hell" but more like a dam that dams a river-- it stops the waters progression. The same with baptism, if you do not get baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost your spiritually damned and cannot progress spiritually without it.
           This week Just happened to be a moving week!  We moved two other people, J** "our recent convert & L**** a less active" both of them stayed in DeKalb but it’s amazing what a little bit of service does for people. L**** wants us to come back and teach him and his family and J**'s Landlord was so impressed with our service that he want to know more. A little bit of service goes a long way!
            Sunday picked up the week for me we had a miracle happen when a former investigator, whom we hadn't seen in 3 weeks, walks in to church and tells us she has been listening to the Book of Mormon, has a lot of questions and wants us to come over. She just about knocked us out of our shoes!!! One of our young men in the ward who went with us to teach her gave a talked and it make a huge impression on her. It was a true blessing from God that week. Plus we went over to another former’s house who as a teenager who went to church for a year and fell away a little. She's having a baby soon and told us she wanted to come back to church and that she wanted to be with her family forever. That was just a tenth of the miracles that happened on Sunday and it really picked us up. We know that this week will be amazing!
    THE RICE COOKER CAME!!!!:D But, it took a week for everything else because they mixed up my order. They gave me some free conditioner for the mix up xP  I got the Graham Crackers and  I explained twirlers to my companion but he didn’t really get. Regardless, it made both of us very very happy. (Graham crackers and milk are called twirlers in our family, because you twirl them around in the milk and then eat them) I LOVE YOU FOR THE RICE COOKER!!! but, it is limited within its calling until it can be married with yoshida sauce.... I cry for it. I am in hot pursuit today to find it though. I am putting all of the stuff you sent to good use!
             FINNALY ALEC GOT HIS WISDOM TEETH OUT?!!?!?!? gosh goodness. I need to write and talk to him. 
 I’m in Ether 11? I’m almost done but I’ve still been reading everyday out of the Book of Mormon and try to use a verse from my studies every day in some lesson.
We were reading in the scriptures that we must preach to all the ends of the earth, so we tried the corn field but no luck xP  haha