Monday, August 12, 2013

Party Pig / Keith "The coolest guy ever!"

      This week was an off and on week. Elder Engler describes it to be "the hardest week on his mission!" But, we made something out of it!!!! We put Mike Tyson's aunt on date though! She is going to have to work hard, but were right there next to her! Its sad to see that even though the lord is hastening his work so is the devil! 
            The guy from Cheyenne,Chris, is doing awesome! he loves having us over, and we have taught him the restoration this last week. He's restoring a Monte Carlo named Marley, haha and has a Pit-bull who is the sweetest dog ever!.... next to Crash!:) 
            Like Chris we tracked into another Investigator family using the ward list, she just moved in and is looking for a church that can help her and her kids get closer to Christ. We have high hopes and they are just doing awesome!
             We had a ward party pig roast this last Saturday. That was just the best missionary opportunity ever! We visited almost 20 less actives and invited them and all our investigators out! The fellowship there was awesome and we almost didn't need to do anything because the members were talking to everyone! The highlight of it was this investigator family, Keith and Lukatia and the little girls Daya and Zoey. He is the coolest guy ever! He has only had a couple of lessons and he wants to be a missionary like us. Just a stud, not even to mention he has a Robo leg! He Doesn't want either of us (Elder Engler and me) to leave because were his old friends. He hasn't had many for years because he has been hospital bound for so long!:/  The Church is going to make such an impact in his life, its going to be awesome!
             Even though all of us have hardships they are necessary times for us to look back to and learn form them other wise we will never learn. The ways of the lord are truly spectacular but all I know is we learn to sacrifice things, our daily life's, our favorite sins, our thoughts that don't improve and so on. The lord will bless us with more than we need to fill a bucket with.

My Rest a Stone
Elder Herdt