Monday, August 5, 2013


  1st Baptism!

 First and foremost! We just had a wonderful baptism this week! We started teaching her the week I got here and 3 weeks later she was baptized! Truly the Lord prepared her, she had a life like no other I've known, but she knew she had enough hope to know the peace and blessing the Gospel would bring her. She was amazing and gave a  talk at her own  baptism!  
         We had another wonderful lesson with Keith! Its wonderful to see his love for his wife and family and his love for our Savior Jesus Christ. We brought a family with us to the lesson and to here them bear witness of this wonderful gospel brought much joy to my heart and the spirit into the room! Its just hard for them to come to church because the accident He went through. Also, his wife has to work Sunday so they're trying to get their schedules changed so they can come to church as a family! I love them so much!!! Later today they're coming over to a members home to have family home evening. I cant wait!:)
          I had the wonderful opportunity of having new missionary training-- everyone In the mission except for 11 championships were there, because almost everyone is training or being trained, so about 130 missionaries, It was awesome!! They taught us on the Truths about the gospel that Satan doesn't want us to know. Next week I'll put it in my letter! That day wasn't the best day for missionary work, as we got home, we hand NO numbers for the day, until we walked into the apartment, where we found a kid asleep on the stairs. He got locked out of his home because no one was home yet, so we talked to him a little and it went really good, he said he had read a little from the book of Mormon and right as we were going to talk to him more about it, his father got home, it was rough because he wanted to learn more but his father didn't want him to so he had to go inside:\ Satan is real.... 
         This might make my mom happy and everyone else surprised, but i got a 99% on apartment inspection, we got a point taken off because there were crumbs in the rubber gasket in the fridge, WHO EVER CLEANS OR LOOKS THERE!?!?!?!? but they said it was the Nicest apartment they had ever seen, even better than when sister missionaries were living there. So I'm happy:)
         Later we taught a new member named Sandra who lives in a rest home, She is the nicest lady you could ever meet! She wasn't doing well and wanted blessing of comfort. So, funny story about that, when we were giving her the blessing a worker comes in and right at the end put her hands on Sandra's head! When I opened my eyes I didn't know what to say or do..... it was funny though:p
          Saturday, I think, kicked in my awareness of being a missionary. We lengthened our strides and taught with boldness, teaching and testify of the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We found a lot of God's elect and placed opportunities in peoples life to know more and maybe soften their hearts. We meet a lot of less active members who were more than willing to let us in and it was great to hear them bear their testimonies. I have high hopes for them. Later Saturday we got to see a potential investigator who went to Cheyenne High school!!! I cant believe he went there! haha small world. we got to know more about him, his car and dogs and this week were going to teach him. It just awesome to preach the gospel and meet new people:)
          Yesterday was the best fast Sunday ever. Throughout the day I didn't feel so hungry. I think my mind was to occupied doing the Lord's work, visiting less actives and Finding new people. It was really touching to see a new member bring a potential investigator to church, he understands member missionary work more than people who have been members their whole life!!!
           I would have to say that going through this week I can see how much the lord loves the family unit and blesses people for being good families, even out side of the church. The lord prepares and teaches people about life and most importantly about families. I love everyone because they're spirit brothers and sisters of mine! and I love my family here on this earth, you have meant so much to me and you're always on my mind!
The Truth with set you free.
Elder Herdt