Monday, September 16, 2013


          The Work is progressing in DeKalb, IT'S HARD THOUGH! Some times I Feel like i'm riding a bike in the top gear, up hill, with head winds. Today I want to share with you my analogy of the Cyclist.
 Albert Einstein touched on it a little with his quote, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." But, what are the acts of force that might be working against us? When we do the right things, working toward the right direction we may feel like we are we are riding up hill in the wind. Up hill is the right things and the wind is like all of the trials and challenges the Devil puts us through. When we are riding towards our goal, it is going to seem tough because we will always see other cyclists riding the other direction. They are riding fast, with no effort and look like they are having a lot of fun but those Cyclists have forgotten they are going the wrong direction and the direction they are heading is a fast route to no where. But, there are ways for us to make our hard ride easy. Like giving up the things that makes us less aerodynamic, or our favorite little sins because those are what give the devil hand holds to push us back. We can also use the things we have like switching gears or using the scriptures we have the word of God better from past and modern Prophets. We can also travel in Pelotons, riding with others that are heading the same direction as us. Like friends Family and the people at the head of the peloton is Jesus Christ and Prophet and Apostles, they take the full force of what Satin has to Throw at us so that we can ride easier in life. We must Keep riding and Keep pumping to Keep balance and to Keep riding toward the goal of returning to our Father. "SALVATION WAS NEVER EASY" you must work hard and if your not, find out what your doing wrong because you might not be riding the right way. We are ether going one way or another and if we feel like we are static, tough news, you are ether going up hill or down hill. moving closer to Christ or riding farther and farther away.
I KNOW my savior and the things he has done for me, I KNOW that the Prophet Joseph didn't have an easy life because what he did brought the opportunity to for billions to come unto Christ. I KNOW the Book of Mormon to be the word of God because it has changed me and made me a better man and I know President Monson is the Prophet for today's bike ride and will help guide and protect us from the winds of the Devil.
Keep the Faith and Press Forward to the coming of Christ.
-Elder Herdt