Monday, November 25, 2013

First email via iPad!

 My favorite barn in DeKalb
My district, all sisters again!

Thank you mom for all the questions, It makes writing home a lot easier! I bet you realized if you want to know something you have to ask questions. something I have really learned on my mission.
          Bloomingdale is just blooming in work.  The ward here is a big one a little smaller than San Miguel, I cover a Few towns and only one ward. The work is amazing and is very missionary orientated. yeah I have already been fed more by the members here than all my time in Dekalb. So just to Clear things up, I eat EVERYTHING members give me. I just chose not to have guacamole at this restaurant. I have choked down my fair share of bad foods and even some of my companions foods. I had one Companion who HATED tomatoes, and a member feed us a tomatoes style soup, not like a tomato soup you have with your grilled cheese, Like WHOLE tomato's! and I barred it and when the member wasn't looking swapped my companion's and finished all of his too. So yeah:)  
         Time is FLYING......I'm not a fan of it. tomorrow is my 5 month mark. I'm almost a quarter in. That's scary. Whats really scary is that my comp has 3 months left! I might send him home. 
         So we had some iPad Training, only once so far. But we are very locked down on them, Which is a True Blessing. The church was not messing around with this one. We have access to all Church web sites except Mormon Channel. We Have Access to Facebook, Skype, Facetime, Emails and Texting. We have the Gospel Library which is a HUGE help. I get to use videos in lessons, show pictures. and so much more. Its so great. 
        So I bought some Ear warmers and Some pants that were a little thicker for winter and a scarf and things. I Got another Bag. the one I had was a little big and my iPad was too vulnerable in it to break. But got a really nice bag for super cheap at TJ max and it was a type of bag that shouldn't even been sold there, that's the quality of the bag. But don't worry too much about sending anything. I'll get winter stuff from other missionaries and on an as needed basis.  I bought some Thermal G's..... They're amazing and what truly makes it.
Well I'm on another round of the Book of Mormon, planning on finishing it by new years. I'm in 1 Nephi 15 so ill bet I'll catch up with you pretty quick. I'm going through and highlighting any time someone prays or when were told to pray and what to pray for, any time prayers are answered, anytime it mentions the God Head and also marking when they speak, anything to do with the Heart and when they mention the word remember or any word like it and also marking what they want us to remember. 
         Well I Love you lots mom. I sorry for how much I truly took you and Dad for granted. Your an amazing mother and I feel like a stripling warrior because of the things I have been taught by you.
         Your spiritual ninja, And son
   -Elder Herdt.