Monday, November 4, 2013


          Well I felt truly blessed this week, the Lord is truly merciful and I see it everyday. This week was a slow one and not a lot of work was able to be done even though we were working our guts out! 
Well on a less productive side, On p-day I got to ride my first bike on my mission! I'm not going to lie but it was pretty great, I've missed biking and hopefully I'll ride a bike in an area some time. I rode this bike called a fat bike, the tires are about the size of a motorcycles and are under pressured to make it so you can ride in snow, gravel and anywhere with ease. It eats curbs for breakfast, without even blinking and you don't even have to stand up to do so. Well enough of that We had a Great Halloween, even though we weren't allowed to go out after 4pm. We got to go to our ward mission leaders house, where he invited people over and we got to make it a great contacting effort!
But Saturday was the True day of miracles! So if any of you remember Keith from the pig roast, the one we had to move to Chicago, well I just received word of his baptism! It was such a blessing for me to hear it. In part because I put in a lot of Faith and Hope when he left, but the sisters and Ward in the other mission were just what he needed, Hopefully one day I will get to see him in the waters again baptizing his daughters. He is an amazing man and I feel so blessed in helping him come closer to his savior. But that isn't the only baptism miracle we saw Saturday, Elder black got to see 2 of his old investigators in Rockford get baptized, he got to witness the baptism and even gave a surprise talk because someone couldn't make it. 
         Well on the topic of hope, I had a wonderful time studying it this week. Webster defines hope as a feeling that one's desires will happen. Preach my gospel defines it as an abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill his promises to you. I felt like a good definition is Trusting in something which you have no control over. (Ether 12:4) describes hope with faith is an anchor to the souls of man. I really enjoyed that because I know when ever I see someone in tough time or even when I'm in tough time faith and hope can keep me firm. The Book of Mormon Teaches us of some things we should hope for. 1. is Deliverance in the savior (alma 58:10-11) 2. hope to receive you inheritance which is in heaven  (ether 1:32) 3. hope for the atonement & the resurrection of Jesus Christ (moroni 7:40) and also to have a hope for all things. I know that when we can receive miracles through our faith and hope. I know this because of the miracles I have already seen on my mission. I love the Lord and I know that he is truly merciful.
               -"faith and hope is and anchor to the souls of man"
                                              -Elder Travis Herdt.