Monday, November 11, 2013

Good Bye DeKalb! Bloomingdale here I come!

I have had a wonderful 4 and a half months here in Dekalb. I have made friends with people I hope to keep ties with for a while. I'm glad I could put my best efforts in this town and I hope I can double my efforts in Bloomingdale! Well I felt like I ended in the Area very well this week! We gave a blessing to a recent covert, it was just about as much of a miracle as a miracles can get. We also had our first lesson from a member referral in months. It was a great lesson! She was agreeing with everything and accepted to commit to baptism when she knows more about it and knows it's true. On Friday Elder Winegar came down and we were killing it in Dekalb, We taught a media referral and he committed to read the Book of Mormon and to pray and ask God about it. We got to see a lot of less actives and we took a member on one visit and the less active/part member just loved the member, They had tons in common and the wife wanted to learn more. Now Saturday was truly the day of miracles! We were informed of a baptism of an investigator of the Sycamore sisters and they told us to invite anyone. So we were going threw our phone of people to invite, We were sending messages to everyone until we ran into the name "John"(not real name), John was an investigator who had recently dropped us for a ton of different reasons; mainly because he got a new girlfriend who was just bad news and second was he said "he never felt the spirit of the Lord at our church. So we were thinking of inviting him or not and we remembered that he was friends with the investigator that was getting baptized that day. So not ignoring the spirit we sent him and invite. He asked us right away what time. We told him and he said he'll be there. Well we get to the baptism and we find he was true to his word! He was there and siting right next to the investigator who was about to get baptized. The service went on without a hitch! It was amazing just perfect. After the baptism John got up and walked straight to us and said. "I don't know what I was feeling but It felt like I was being tugged to do something and he knew at that instant he need to be baptized" he then told us he wanted to start meeting with us again and want to progress toward baptism. We asked when and he told us anytime that worked for us so we said how about Sunday night? So we met him Sunday night and another miracle happened! He told us that he was out shopping with his Girlfriend and witnessed her steal over 60 bucks of medicine and told us he was torn and he then said that he was going to make a decision that night to ether keep the love of this girl of the love of the Savior. We haven't heard back from him yet. but we have been praying a hope he makes the right choice. And to top off that Day I got a call from Keith and he told me he just got the priesthood! It made me so happy to hear, He just about made my mission already.
For the most part blessings are given to us after the trial of our faith.

-Elder Herdt