Monday, November 18, 2013

Tornados? I'm not in Kansas:/

(A text picture from some members who took Elder Herdt and his companion out for dinner tonight.  They said he was the first 18 yr old missionary they have had serving.)

The tornados were close, lots of hail, rain and lightning, thunder, winds, but most of the Tornado's were south but still in the mission. (The only thing the mission home reported as damaged or missing was a windshield shattered and a name tag lost!  The Lord is watching over his missionaries)

My New area Is Great! the ward is so missionary orientated and we have more work than we can handle, We're in an area that is half rich half poor very close to the city and we got a little bit of west Chicago. I have a great companion! his name is Elder Ailshie, he's from Cali but his family lives in Las Vegas right now. He is a great guy. He has a couple of months left and he is on the cusp of becoming trunky. 

      I love our family, mom. I hope you know you got the love and bond of our family right. I cant tell you how many broken homes/ families I run into on my mission, Its quite sad, people who haven't talked to their family in years. It really makes me realize how good we got it as a family. So thank you. 
And thank you for the pomegranates!!
 you+sending pomegranates=Saint.
This week i have to cut is short because im at a library doing emails and they only give us an hour. but next week i hope i can do it on my Ipad so ill have more time and will write this weeks and next weeks general. well love you and good speed!
Love your son, Elder Herdt