Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Me Oh My Oh Pizza PieO!

       So that statement has nothing to do with my week but it came to mind so that's why I wrote it:)
Life has been crazy and good, Its Crazy Good. We got in with a less active and as I've been getting to know him, we found out that we was a huge rock star back in the 70's. It was great, That's where the picture with the Gibson came from. xP  
       This week we had a Zone Training meeting and it was just amazing Like any other time, President Fenn is going to be an Apostle just you wait. Then you'll all understand why I love that man so much! He taught us about "Prayer and how it is the Laboratory where we learn how to temper our minds"
       For our progressing investigators 2 have taken the spotlight this week. The First is Gianaurre Shaviss, who has been reading the lessons on his own, mind you he is 15 years old and looks forward to our lessons each week more than he looks forward to us just going by! hahaha. The second is Nancy Johnson she is just about the most Golden investigator out there. She reads all of the lessons before hand and studies intently on the Doctrine. She commits herself to do things, like going to church, praying every night and reading the book of Mormon and so on and this past Friday she shot us a email and said she was praying that morning and the spirit told her she needed to be baptized so we are now working with her to set her up for baptism. 
        We also Had Brother Don Coleman's Funeral this week. It was a good one with a lot of non-members there. Elder Palmer Gave the invocation, Brother Filio gave a talk about the plan of salvation and compared it to a GPS or Gods Plan of Salvation. One thing I really enjoyed about his talk was he said in this life to have JOY we must put Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last. and to improve my saying, It takes a tribe to raise a village idiot. He said "it take a village to raise a boy but it Takes a ward Family to save souls. Don's daughters played one of Don's favorite sons,"lullaby" by Billy Joel and afterward, I gave the benediction. With the passing of Don the thing that has Truly got me through has been the scriptures and the Doctrine of the Plan of Salvation. Because of this Doctrine, I don't have to worry what is going to happen to the ones I Love, I wont worry about where I'm going as long as I know I did my best on this Earth because while on this Earth is when we prepare to meet God and If we do all the needful things while on this earth we will enter into the rest of God. This Scripture from the Old Testament has given me the most strength; Psalms 116:15 "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the Death of his Saints" which was the Psalm that Jesus Christ sang while going after the last supper right before his own death. I know that Jesus is our savior and redeemer and that because of his Death and Resurrection we may all break the bands of death, which I do testify in the name of Jesus Christ amen.