Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So I'm Surviving quite well here in Bloomingdale. To be honest the cold isn't too bad, as long as you layer up you're fine. This next Wednesday and Tuesday we're going to get around 22-26 inches of snow! That's going to be crazy! I bet we won't be able to go outside on those days. 
Well teaching is going amazing! We have a family that is going to be baptized and another lady named Nancy! If every investigator in the world was like her, missions would be the easiest thing ever. She studies all the lessons before we teach it to her. She memorizes vocabulary words and when we ask her questions like  "what is the apostasy" she gives us dictionary type answers, Just the greatest. Don the man with the cancer is doing the best for a man with cancer can do. He was going to start another round of chemo this week but because he is in such bad shape he thinks he might just not do it because another treatment might kill him. So we visit him every day at the end of our day to see how he is doing, to check up on him and to tend to his needs. I love that man to death and would do anything for him; even dump a bed pan. I almost threw up. But I did it because he needed it done! Speak of throw up. yesterday we had a lunch appointment with the bishop then a 30 minute lesson with the family who is getting baptized and a dinner with a less active returning to recovery and I over ate... well elder brown was volunteering me to eat more.... and more and I couldn't say no. So as I was backing elder brown out for the persons house I blew chucks it the snow banks, I felt a lot better after but I learned its okay to say I had enough. To answer your question about numbers of people where teaching.... lets just say they will be splitting the area soon:)!!!
We'll I'm happy to hear that you are loving the Harvesters. (A publication his mission president sends out weekly)  President is an inspired man and just being in his mission has changed my life. I've learned things here that I bet I wouldn't be able to learn anywhere else. He Influences so many lives. I am dumb struck every time I see him. I'm really looking forward to this Sunday because he'll be speaking in our ward. 
I'm going to try my hardest to get everyone of our investigators there. 
So transfers are tomorrow and.........
Elder brown is leaving and..........
I'll be training a new missionary!!!!!
I cant believe it! President Fenn must trust me because that is the most responsible calling in a mission. I hope I do well.
Thanks for the ensign talk and I'm going to read it tomorrow! It goes hand in hand with what I studied today which was temperance, which is self mastery .(I told Elder Herdt about an article written by Elder Neal A Maxwell about putting off the natural man and coming off conqueror. It was in the Nov 1990 ensign)
Well love you mom!! I miss you much but I got a hand with a kiss on it to hold me over till I get home! I pray a blessing to be upon our family! 
-Elder Herdt