Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Plan of Salvation Made Real!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skys are grey.
    The chapters found in the book of Mormon Alma 36-43 are ranked some of the most sacred of all scripture. I found true comfort through out my life and especially this week.
This last Friday night when we were going to do our daily check up on Brother Coleman, we found he had passed away on his bed. It was a pretty big shock to the system. I didn't expect him pass away so soon because we were there the night before and he didn't seem any better or worse than he had in the past weeks.  I was happy though that I was the one to find him, because I would of hated if a sister in the ward found him and wouldn't be able to handle it where I could. I felt more worried for my new companion; no missionary, let alone a new one should need to see that. I'm glad this last month and a half I've been studying the plan of salvation because that is what really helped me out in getting through this trial. One of the most comforting doctrine is that the lord will not take the righteous before their time. So I know he was ready to go. I'm happy he doesn't have to deal with the pain anymore.
           So beside that , training is going great, I really Like Elder Palmer, He is a great missionary and really knows his Book of Mormon, he came out pre-trained so It's great! We have been exactly obedient and have been working hard. We have 5 almost 6 people on date! yeah Last week I ran out of time and had to drive up to Schamburg to do exchanges so I didn't get to write a general email. I've been a little busy with being district leader and training but loving the mission.
-Elder Herdt.