Monday, August 25, 2014

Family means: "No one is left behind!"

Prepping for a baptism, haven't done that in a while. It's so sweet to
be able to finish off the transfer baptizing. This has been a really
good month for the district and Zone for baptisms. I believe our zone
will be having 17 baptisms this month which is outstanding for a
zone. It doesn't happen to often. Another reason why I'm happy is because we're finishing off the transfer with a baptism! I set a goal to AT LEAST find, teach and baptize one person, before I leave an area, and this is setting us up for the opportunity to make sure that happens. We found Barb, just as Elder Earl was getting into the area. We had a teaching record with the name "Barb", who lives on, let's say, "street way" and no address, no other contact information, just a street and a name. So we started contacting and with a little bit of help from God went straight to her home! The first house was hers! We started talking to her and she said she had some issues with the doctrine of this other church she was investigating and that after 2 years of investigating their church, this doctrine just came up. She wanted to see what we had to share, in hopes that it might finally bring her closer to God. I can stand as a witness today that her hope of coming closer to God has happened. She is preparing for her baptism this Saturday and is so prepared. This last week we taught her about eternal marriage and and temple and family history and she has just loved it! The doctrine is so pure so hopeful so merciful. That for those who have ears to hear rejoice when they know that they can live with their family Forever! I guess she really needed to hear it because Sunday a person from the stake presidency gave a talk on family history. In relief society they were talking about baptisms for the dead and we had family home evening
with her and our branch president and they talked about eternal
families and temples.
   Something to think about: as we were walking in to have our lesson on the temple and eternal families they had the TV on. They were watching Lilo and Stitch and we happened to walk in on the perfect moment when Lilo says "Family means no one is left
behind". How true of a statement that is! Isn't that the goal, to make
sure no one in the family is left behind? We spend hours and hours on
family history and temple ordinances so that no one in the family is left behind.
My family means so much to me. If I have realized anything on my
mission it is that I love my family and would do anything for them. I
love them and will continue to love them for the rest of my life and

Elder Herdt