Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What is a "Wonderful Bad Week?

What a wonderful week to have a bad week. To answer the the question
of what is a wonderful bad week? Well bad as in the only lessons we
were able to do were just inspired stop bys. For some reason no one
likes to set appointments in this town. Also we didn't have the best
week ever due to the fact that we had to drive a bajillion miles and that didn't help much ether. But, this week it contrasted the miracles
pretty nicely, just as a diamond is more brilliant in front of a black
velvet backing.
I got the chance to go to Dixon for exchanges with my MTC companion
Elder Bezzant and then from Dixon to to Sterling for zone leader's,
Elder Brown (my former companion) and Elder Scott, (the elder I replaced in my first area in Dekalb, for a baptismal interview with our recent
convert brother Sanchez to translate for us. The zone leaders
had been teaching this miracle family whose mother spoke Spanish.
The reason why they were a miracle family was because the mother of
the family had a dream a week before she meet the missionaries about
these 2 angels trying to find her and she was hiding from them and a
week later had the same dream. While she was dreaming this dream she
awoke from a knock on her door to these 2 missionaries inviting her
to come to the gospel. She said she felt like her dream became a
reality. She knew the elders came from God for her. She and her
daughter were baptized last Saturday and this Saturday her son and
friend will baptized.
The next miracle I want to share is about our investigator Barb. So
like I was saying we had almost no appointments this week. One of the
appointments was with a excommunicated man's daughter, so we went over
to their home and no one was home. We had an investigator who lived
3 blocks down who we hadn't had the chance to see in about 2 weeks
because her father broke his knee cap and she was taking care of him.
So we decided to just drop by and give her a new triple and bible and
when we got up to her door she was so excited to see us and let us in.
She said while she had been taking care of her dad she has been doing
her own studies in the Book of Mormon and the gospel principles book
and other church materials and told us while she had been studying
about the doctrines she had an overwhelming feeling that she needed to
be baptized and she was studying it more and realized she wasn't going
to get the feelings from the spirit that she was going to need without
first baptized. So we didn't hesitate a moment and invited her to be
baptized on the 30th of August and she gladly accepted. She felt like
she was on air. She told us through her studies that she found she
needed to meet with us and take more discussions, also that she need
to be interviewed and so on. She just prepared herself so much by her
studies and by the spirit. The spirit has just worked within her so
much she is truly coming closer to Christ.
It's moments like these that make a mission so worth it. I just can't
help myself and be happy. Through all the pains and misery these
moments of pure joy last longer than any pains do. I love The Lord
and I love this work!
-Elder Herdt
PS: We got a 100% on our Apartment cleaning check!