Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Up, Downs & Turn arounds

Another week in the mission with its ups, downs, & turn arounds. Just a
blast! You don't know when your going to have a trial thrown at you or
an attack from Satan on you or your investigators, but you also don't know when you'll see the next miracle,and if that miracle is a blessing for you or for another. We had a Good week that got eaten up by meetings,
Monday- prep day 10-6 
Tuesday- new missionary training 8-6 
Wednesday- district meeting 10-1, exchanges + service 1-6 Missionary coordinating meeting 6:30-9, 
today was a baptismal interview and exchanging back 10-2 
weekly planning 2-6  
Friday was our first full day of proselyting which we had some good success.
   We got to teach Barb, the investigator getting baptized on the 30th.
She is so solid! She has been doing a lot of personal study in the
scriptures and church books. She has pretty much taught herself with
the spirit testifying of the truth to her. All she needed was the
right tools. That shows a person who will stay active and help out
the church for the rest of her life. She learned most of the lessons
by her self. Prayed about being baptized and told us she was ready,
already invited friends and family to her baptism and the church
events. She is just the best. This Sunday though, was the first time
she had something she had to sacrifice to join the church and that was
shopping on the sabbath. Haha and after teaching her about it she
was so on board for not shopping on Sundays ever again. I wish it was
this easy for every investigator. While preparing for her lesson I
found this way sweet quote from the guide to the scriptures.
"The Sabbath reminds people of their need for spiritual nourishment
and of their duty to obey God. When a nation grows careless in
observing the Sabbath, all aspects of life are affected and its
religious life becomes decayed (Neh. 13:15–18; Jer. 17:21–27)."
I changed it up a little to make it more applicable to the every
day person.
The Sabbath reminds us of the need for spiritual nourishment
and of our duty to obey God. When a person grows careless in observing
the Sabbath, all aspects of their life are affected and their
religious life becomes decayed.
It so important to keep the sabbath day holy!
When we were in her home it may have been the hardest lesson to stay
focused on, the reason why was not because of company, not kids,
not cars but....... Puppies..... Barb houses puppy's for a couple of
weeks for a animal shelter and this week she got brand new baby
puppy's, you can't stop looking at them or at that point hear anything
because all they did was wimper and puppy howl. It was too cute..
At the end of the lesson we got to hold them and get our puppy fix.
    I think it's funny the way God's timing is sometimes when he places us in people's lives. We met this family who just moved in town. They wanted a church to go to and when they heard about the Book of Mormon loved the concept. They said they would try to make it to church. Well Sunday rolled around and no family. We were bummed but we called them later that day and asked if we could meet with them and they said it wasn't a good time. When we asked why, they said, "did you hear about the person thst got hit on the highway today? That was our daughter-in- law that you met a couple of days ago." We were astonished. We had just met that girl and now she's gone. We expressed our condolences and offered our services as representatives of Christ and ordained ministers and they we're very happy.
    I'm glad I know the plan of salvation and the purpose of life. It
makes times like those much easier to handle. I've also learned the
importance of teaching our children about Christ and true principles. 
To understand what I mean I would invite you to read 2 Nephi 22:23 then
read Enos 1:3-5 and Alma 36:16-20 and see how they link together and
how even when people aren't listening at the time that they need
it most the spirit can recall those teaching to the remembrance of
those people.
I love my family and most importantly my parents and want to thank
them for all that they do and have done for me God be with you till me
meet again.

-Elder Herdt

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